Neil Bedi

I am an investigative reporter in D.C. covering the federal government for ProPublica. I use traditional reporting, data analysis and interactive digital presentation in my stories.

Previously, I worked on investigations at the Tampa Bay Times in Florida.

Feel free to reach me at You can also find me on Twitter and Keybase.

Here are some stories I’ve worked on:


Pasco’s sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens. It monitors and harasses families across the county.

How a Florida Sheriff harasses families: Watch the body-cam video

Pasco’s sheriff uses grades and abuse histories to label schoolchildren potential criminals.


Johns Hopkins promised to elevate All Children’s Heart Institute. Then patients started to die at an alarming rate.

How we calculated All Children’s surgical mortality rates

Johns Hopkins wrote the rules on patient safety. But its hospitals don’t always follow them.

You’re trapped. They’re cashing in.

How one Florida psychiatric hospital makes millions off patients who have no choice

Former NFL player not actually qualified to run hospital, feds find

COVID-19 coverage

Florida saw a pandemic coming and prepared. Then state leaders started to cut.

Florida lagged behind dozens of states on coronavirus restrictions

Hellfire from above

Tampa Electric knew the procedure was dangerous. It sent workers in anyway.

TECO accounts for nearly half of Florida power plant deaths

Why Cops Shoot

Unarmed. Not wearing a seatbelt. Running away. Police are more likely to shoot if you’re black.

The Stories: We found 827 people shot by police in Florida. Here’s how to browse our database.